Extend Financial
Your Money Your Way!

Harness the borrowing power of your home with a
Extend Financial FLEX TM HELOC (home equity line of credit)

Key Features

Use your home equity to fund life's conveniences, such as a new car, investment opportunity or home makeover. Finance everything from unexpected repairs to tuition to emergency funds. You can even consolidate high-interest debt into one low monthly payment.

24/7 Online Access
Withdraw funds, make payments and completely pay off your balance at any time using our online portal.


Our Flexible Payback Plan
Choose to set regular payments to help pay off the principal amount sooner (and save you interest over time).


Always There, If You Need It
You can pay off the loan at any time and use it again without having to re-apply, provide documents, or pay fees.

Take Your Extend Financial FLEX TM HELOC With You
Planning on moving, we make it easy to move your Home Equity Line of Credit to your new property hassle free.

We Reimagined Borrowing


  • List your property address and current mortgages
  • Same day approvals
  • 48 Hour Funding


  • Choose your term period
  • Choose your payment frequency
  • Borrow any amount or carry a zero balance


  • No hidden charges
  • No last minute changes
  • No surprises

What's the Right
Product for Me?


Revolving Home Equity Line of Credit

  • Borrow Only What you need
  • Payback Anytime
  • Complete Flexibility

Second Mortgage

Borrow up to 75% of the equity in your property

  • Borrow a Lump Sum Today
  • Interest only or deferred payments
  • Access to your equity

Term Loan

1-8 year secured term loan

  • Borrow a Lump Sum Today
  • Flexible Payments
  • Pay off the loan in 1-8 years

Reverse Mortgage

Take out the equity of your home on a monthly basis without having to make payments

  • Fixed Monthly cash flow
  • No Monthly Payments
  • Reliable and Flexible

Leverage Your Home's Equity
to Reach Life's Goals

Your Home


Your Family


Make Large Purchases

Invest In Opportunities